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About us

SAX was established in Nicosia-Cyprus in 1995 and quickly became one the most innovative avant-garde shops, in the field of women's footwear market.

SAX stands out, for the high-end fashion creations, targeting the contemporary audience. Synonymous with creativity, innovation and inspired design lines, creates must-have items that reflect not only current, but mainly future trends.

However, the shoes that SAX imports are not just a utilitarian product of high-end aesthetics. It’s a step beyond that, the basis of an erotic dialogue between the shoe-wearer and her figure. A unique dialogue and an expression of inner strength, that draws power from the product, in order to built and maximise self-assurance. Hence the materials used for the SAX products are selected after careful consideration and are handled as a lot more than simple elements of composition, but mostly as tools aiming to communicate with the female psyche.

SAX collections are abundant with power, passion and sensual female romanticism. Keeping its trends creatively up-to-date, we always aim to please the sensitive, but mostly demanding younger audience and helps it manifest its voice, via its stylistic choices.

With each and every new collection SAX never fails to be shockingly exciting.

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